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BINTANG MAJU COMMERCIAL, or more affectionately known as BINTANG MAJU, had deep roots in retailing market in Klang Valley. Since its very first establishment in 1984 from humble beginning of a single retail outlet, BINTANG MAJU, has grown to cater the needs of consumer, corporate client, and government sector, offering wide range of photographic hardware, accessories, mobile phone and IT products.

BINTANG MAJU's aggressive network development strategy has seen them overlooking 19 retail outlets in a span of 27 years. This incredible feat was achieved no less to combination of staunch commitment from the members of the organization and progressive strategy from the management. With the aim of providing much more accessibility to their current clientele, BINTANG MAJU will always strive to look for opportunities to maintain their stronghold in the retailing, distribution, and e-commerce markets.